Academy of Finance

Housed at Chopticon High School, the Academy of Finance provides a pathway to higher education which will lead to employment in the fields of finance, business management, logistics, financial and business law, and international career opportunities. Students enrolled in the National Academy of Finance will experience a challenging academic curriculum which prepares them for college and careers in one of the most lucrative industries in our economy, financial services.

STEM Academy

The STEM Academies provide a rigorous and unique program of study emphasizing the core areas of mathematics and science with an infusion of technology and engineering. The designated STEM Academies are located atLexington Park Elementary, Spring Ridge Middle School, and Great Mills High School. Students in the STEM Academy will be challenged at all levels to demonstrate mastery of concepts by applying them to real-world settings. Each academy will have a culminating CAPSTONE project that focuses on an approved problem that integrates mathematics, science, and technology as part of the solution.

Global International Studies Academy (GIS)

Located at Leonardtown High School, GIS provides students with knowledge of world regions, cultures, and global/international issues. Students participating in international studies develop skills in communicating in languages other than English, working in global or cross-cultural environments, and using information from different sources around the world. An international studies program provides opportunities for students to develop a respect and concern for other cultures and people.